What does dbol stand for

Im over 50 in perfect health, and workout daily, and lift 3 times a week . I have gone from 209 to 186 in 4 months, and am very happy. I would like to continue to lose a few more lbs but also want to bulk up a bit more while I lift. is it possible to do both?
tell me what product might do this for me or any combo of products,
should i lose the weight I want first, than concentrate on bulking up after. I realise putting on muscle will add to my weight. unfortunately I belong to a gym where the trainers eat natural and sing kumbaya all day, so i have nobody to ask .

I like the quality, oil was very clean and clear and pushed through a 23g easily. Before using the product I have not used anything in over 6 months, supposed to be on trt as I have had bloodwork done before showing my number being very low, a 138 I believe. I have had no libido and no energy for a couple months now. I receive products and start using immediately, I knew my test was very low so I start by frontloading. I take 3cc my first dose, I had pip and soreness from the dose but haven't taken anything for 6 months muscles were almost virgin and over a gram and one time its expected. I front loaded for 2 weeks, using 3 ml twice per week, the ml twice a week after. Within the first week I felt my libido rising, getting morning wood and overall just getting horny. Skin started getting oily in the 2nd week and felt my energy starting to improve. My sleep was getting better and overall feeling like myself again. In the gym the weights were starting to feel better, had a little strength gain but mainly just the way the weights felt. I was able to workout more often and for longer duration. My endurance was where I had a big improvement not only in the gym but everyday at work I was able to do my job without feeling exhausted when the day ended. After I got through the frontload weeks the pip was minimal at ml per dose. Would loved to have ran this for an entire cycle to see what the outcome would be but very happy with what I have used.

What does dbol stand for

what does dbol stand for


what does dbol stand forwhat does dbol stand for