What doctors think about steroids

CHALLENGE: Take a baseline photo. Apply  DermaWound to the affected area.  After the targeted area (wound, ulcer, incision, ostomy, etc.) is gently rinsed and patted dry after the first dressing change, wait 5 minutes and take another photo (distance = 1 foot) comparing it to what it looked liked prior to using DermaWound . You will be amazed! Then simply continue treatment following the time-tested directions and you will get the outcome you desire. If you don’t think the area of concern looks significantly better, email us the before and after pictures and we will immediately issue you a full refund for the purchase price of one jar ($).

Dr. Castle,
I understand that training is intensive for doctors, but it is also intensive for mental health professionals and many other caregiving professionals. Based on the stats, doctors are not necessarily smarter than many of their patients, just have more book knowledge. As a therapist, I think I have a pretty good handle on human behavior and why people do what they do, but unless they believe I understand them, and they believe I really care, they will never choose to work on changing their behaviors. I don’t think medicine is all that different. Why should I come and see you about my physical ailments if you don’t care. I currently see a doctor, who is not very aggressive about my physical well-being, particularly for my age, and because I care about my physical well-being and am an educated patient, I tell him what I need and he does it. I continue to see him, not because I think he is a great doctor, but because he cares and I can’t seem to find one in my community who will listen to me, not act like he is an arrogant, know-it-all bastard, and provide me with quality care.
All your education does not mean a thing, if you do not listen to and care about your patients. And, if you are disinterested in your patients, I bet you have trouble keeping or getting along with your nursing and office staff as well. Just saying.

What doctors think about steroids

what doctors think about steroids


what doctors think about steroidswhat doctors think about steroidswhat doctors think about steroidswhat doctors think about steroidswhat doctors think about steroids