Ug proviron

What I get from it: I'm very vascular naturally but proviron makes my veins sticks out a bit more. Not as much as compounds like EQ or Masteron but it's very noticeable.
Libido : My libido is through the roof on proviron, it may be a problem for some but my GF is fine with that :)
Side effects : prostate hypertrophy. I've had symptoms in the past but now I use saw palmetto and it works as the symptoms went away pretty fast.
Proviron may increase blood pressure a bit but not by much
Dosages: I've used it at 50mg/day, in the morning with good success.
I tried dosages ranging from 30-200mg per day and I'd say the sweet spot is in between 50-100mg per day.
There isn't many benefits to go over 150mg/day as you mostly only get high blood pressure symptoms from the increased dosage, in my experience.

I would reccomend proviron over mast prop.
Id like to hear different opinions on this.
Mast is a great compound and works really well but you can crash your estrogen levels with it it is also extremely hard on the hair line if thats a concern.
Proviron will not do what masteron will do strength wise but its a better choice in my opinion.
If you’re interested in the effects that mast will provide I would go with primo basically same effects with the right diet and is not a straight dht but actually more of a dhb. I would reccomend boldenone with a cypionate ester but that comes with your blood getting much thicker and as long as you can donate then would be another great choice.
What do you think @Mountain-man and @Fitraver also @PHD .
Im really curious about everyone’s opinion on this because I have thought alot about this over the years.
I guess it really comes down to goals?

Ug proviron

ug proviron


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