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4. Remove the old housing, being careful to not scratch the surface where the new housing will be bolted up soon. 5. Carefully clean the residue off the transmission top where the new housing is going to be bolted in. Take the RTV gasket maker and put it on the surface that you just cleaned, to outline the whole surface where the new housing will be bolted in. Put the new housing in and bolt it up, remember this is aluminum so dont over tighten the bolts. Note: The new unit is greased, so you dont need to worry about that, however now would be a good time to put in the poly shifter sheet if you have one. 6. Put the main boot back on, bolt it back in and put the shifter knob back on. Quick and easy to do.  

Inside the geared hub of most portal axles are only two gears, which makes them difficult to attach to a standard axle since they require flipping the differential due to the direction reversal of the two-geared hub. The AxleTech portals have four gears: a drive gear, two idler gears, and a massive driven gear that keeps the drive direction constant, meaning no axle (differential or third member) flipping is needed, and it lowers your gearing by 50 percent. Since these geared hubs are at the end of your axles they give your ride a lot of ground clearance without a suspension or body lift.

Cap screw type rod bolts that come in your connecting rods are chosen by the manufacturer to meet the specific requirements of the rod’s intended application. Their selection is no accident as there are at least six or more primary rod bolt materials all with different specifications according to use. Their tensile strength ranges from about 210,000 psi up to 280,000 psi. Each will have its own recommended stretch factor.  As recommended by leading manufacturer ARP (Automotive Racing Products), each rod bolt must be stretched to a recommended spec when the rods are installed in the engine. ARP’s rod bolt stretch gauge allows you to measure each bolt’s static (free) length and monitor its stretch as you tighten it.  As seen in the accompanying photos an ARP stretch gauge is particularly convenient because it incorporates an integral finger loop that makes it easy to grasp while inserting it into the bottom of the engine for quick stretch checks as you tighten each rod bolt. Follow the procedure as specified below to adjust rod bolt stretch to the recommended range as specified by the manufacturer.

Tech t bolt

tech t bolt


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