Tzone ball

Date: Nov. 4, 1985
Player: St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Pat Tilley
Play: According to the New York Times , Tilley “caught a deflected pass, outraced the Dallas secondary toward the end zone, gleefully held the ball aloft in his right hand as he sprinted past the 10-yard line and, in a wildly premature burst of celebration, spiked it while he was still a yard or two short of the goal.” The field judge on the goal line nevertheless called it a touchdown. There appears to be no video of this play online.
Outcome: The Cardinals beat the Cowboys 21-10.

  1. The most critical position is Center Midfielder and you will want to put your overall best player in that position.
  2. The second most Critical position is Stopper (the other "1" in front of the 2 Fullbacks). In Rec soccer, a great athlete can be a great Stopper even if he or she lacks skill, BUT he MUST be brave and can't be afraid of contact.
  3. Teach the Left Midfielder and the Right Midfielder that they should not cross the Center of the Field (., an imaginary line between the 2 goals). This gives them a DEFINITE stopping point so you don't end up with all your Midfielders bunched up.
  4. Teach your Fullbacks to stay toward the goal and to not go wider than about 10 steps past the near post. The Far Fullback (., the one farthest from the ball) should never go past the center of the goal. Fullbacks should stay outside the Goal Box so they aren't in the goalkeepers way and must do what the goalkeeper says. Keep in mind that most goals are scored in front of the goal, so that is the most important area to defend. In Rec soccer, your opponent probably can't score from the corners, so don't get pulled out of position to the corners.
  5. When attacking, the Far Midfielder should play off the Far Post (actually, about 5 steps outside the post) so he can stop balls from coming out the back. By staying in this position those players will get 3 to 5 good scoring chances per game.

Note that Aaron Baddeley is standing parallel to the ball-target line and that he swings the club around the front of his body. One can readily note that the clubhead approaches the ball from the inside, becomes momentarily square to the ball-target line at the exact moment of impact, and then passes inside again immediately after impact. The clubhead never travels in a straight line and it is always moving along a circular path . For the clubhead to hit the ball straight, it must be travelling straight towards the target at the exact moment of impact and the clubface must also be vertically square at the exact moment of impact. Therefore, there are two essential factors that must be got right at the exact moment of impact in order to hit the ball straight - i) the clubhead must approach the ball from an inside track and become momentarily square to the ball-target line at the exact moment of impact, and ii) the clubhead's clubface must be perfectly square to the target at the exact moment of impact.

Tzone ball

t zone ball


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