Ttrack bolt

Thank you, your design is a great alternative to the one on the market. I too had about a foot of channel left from my router table build. I got the parts all machined tonight and started to put it together. To my surprise, could not get it to completely close. After head scratching and measuring the components, I found that shorter slide should be inches (65mm). I'll remake the component tomorrow and be a happy camper. Sadly, I'm an imperial unit guy and didn't check the conversions. BTW, I suspect that the commercial jig is a reasonable value. The company is very engineering driven producing well designed, well made tools. The price may well reflect that the jig started as a solid piece of aluminum, then machined into it's final state.


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Tightening Rockler's new Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp is literally an open-and-shut case—just slide the clamp face up to your work and close the lever! Once set, the clamping pressure is always the same regardless of workpiece size, and is adjusted only if needed with the set screw. Since the clamps apply pressure from the side, the top of your workpiece is unobstructed for easy machining and sanding. The bottom-mounted pins slide inside the miter track for stability, and can be shifted for 45° angle clamping—ideal for miters and irregularly shaped objects. When used with our T-Track Table, the clamp arm can be adjusted in and out a full 3-1/2'', allowing you to easily clamp items that lie in between the T-tracks.

Ttrack bolt

t track bolt


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