T'boli costume

Malay wedding traditions ( Malay : Adat Perkahwinan Melayu ; Jawi script : عادة ڤركهوينن ملايو), such as those that occur in Brunei , Singapore , Malaysia , and parts of Indonesia and Thailand , normally include the lamaran or marriage proposal , the betrothal , the determination of the bridal dowry known as the hantaran agreed upon by both the parents’ of the groom and the bride (usually done one year before the solemnization of marriage), delivery of gifts and the dowry ( istiadat hantar belanja ), the marriage solemnization ( upacara akad nikah ) at the bride’s home or in a mosque , the henna application ritual known as the berinai , the costume changing of the couple known as the tukar pakaian for photography sessions, followed by wedding reception , a feast-meal for guests ( pesta pernikahan or resepsi pernikahan ) usually took place in the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), and the bersanding or the sitting-in-state ceremony when the couple sit in elaborate pelaminan (wedding throne) at their own home, or in wedding hall during the wedding reception. [25]

During my visit to the Tboli weaving centre Manlikika Bayan, it was evident that they were still mourning the loss of their leader, grandmother and National Living Treasure Awardee Mrs Lang Dulay, who’s memorial grave lays opposite the entrance. Lang Dulay was known nationwide as the originator and master weaver of Tnalak. Weaving since the age of 12, Lang Dulay translated over 100 designs from her dreams and made it her personal mission to instill her passion and vision for Tboli culture on her family, by taking her 18 grandchildren and great grandchildren out of school to train them in the making of Tnalak. Tourists from all over the Philippines would flock to see and buy Tnalak from the living legend and her aspiring proteges, but last year at the age of 91 she passed away from a stroke leaving behind a financially dependent family of weavers with little other employability skills. The family are now desperately trying to find the balance between economic stability and continuing their cultural heritage now that Lang Dulay the master dreamweaver has gone.

T'boli costume

t'boli costume


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