Proviron lower shbg

Alright here's what I do to maintain very high natural test levels off cycle:
1. Lots of healthy fats; fish oil, almonds, coconut oil, a sip of olive oil every night
2. Cold Showers/ Baths
3. Vitamin D. Take a supplement as well as getting into the sun as possible. The more the merrier in my opinion. I usually take 10,000 iu daily
4. Vitamin C in capsule form; 1,500 mg has been shown to reduce cortisol significantly which is the hormone that kills natural test.
5. Workout [no shit]
6. You can also look up test boosting foods if you really want to go all out. Broccoli, Pineapple, Kale, its all on a website called anabolic man or something like that.
Doing all this should get you a significant and very noticeable boost in levels.

5. Zinc .  If you are zinc deficient, the evidence shows that it can be a root cause for low DHT.  Furthermore, if this is your underlying issue, you can significantly raise your DHT just by taking this inexpensive supplement.  Try to avoid the zinc oxide form, since it is so poorly absorbed.  For some of the studies, see my link on Zinc and DHT .  (A zinc deficiency can also lead to very low testosterone levels as well.)  I do have some cautions though about taking too much zinc and I urge anyone taking supplemental zinc to scan through this page:  The Potential Dangers of Zinc .

Proviron lower shbg

proviron lower shbg


proviron lower shbgproviron lower shbg