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Since our inception in 1970, Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. (SME) has worked hard to build mutually beneficial, long term relationships. These relationships have been key to our business growth. We work closely with our customers to help them meet their needs. Building a strong bond with our customers begins and ends with our people. You are our most important asset. We realize that without you, our business would not have grown so rapidly, that is why we take every request so seriously.

Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. (SME) focuses on Sales, Service, Custom Design and Engineering of Audio and Video equipment. We offer custom conventional and non-conventional technical services. Our group of engineers, technicians and craftspeople possess a unique skill mix.

If you now define an address ( like: or in the picture below) TCP/IP will make:
1: a call out to a DNS-server, asking for the IP of
2: the DNS server will reply with the IP-address (in this example )
3: TCP/IP makes now the connection to the requested server , using the IP-address 1 .

Port :
TCP/IP is a complex protocol, offering multiple services (especially on the Internet), like:
- HTTP (=Web-Browsing)
- e-mail
- file sharing
For each of these services, a port is used for the specific type of communication (advanced TCP/IP)

The first use of poison gas on the Western Front was on 22 April 1915, by the Germans at Ypres , against Canadian and French colonial troops. The initial response was to equip troops with cotton mouth pads for protection. Soon afterwards the British added a long cloth which was used to tie chemical-soaked mouth pads into place, and which was called the Black Veil Respirator . Dr. Cluny MacPherson of Newfoundland Regiment brought the idea of a mask made of chemical absorbing fabric and which fitted over the entire head to England, [15] and this was developed into the British Hypo helmet of June 1915. This primitive type of mask went through several stages of development before being superseded in 1916 by the canister gas mask. [16] This had a mask connected to a tin can containing the absorbent materials by a hose.

Pj mask

p j mask


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