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If one has Lyme – it is likely one has not been detoxing mercury well, and so starting at very low levels of zinc supplemetation is advised, like 15 to 30 mg only a few days a week to start, and building up. This is mostly to avoid detoxing mercury too fast. A binder needs to be used as well – like charcoal, clay, chlorella. blue green algae, etc. to avoid bouncing mercury through out the body. Some practitioners, such as Dr Klinghardt are saying with Lyme strive for zinc / copper balance and thus advise taking small amounts of copper with zinc to assist. However Dr Walsh seems to advise to supplement zinc well and high enough levels, especially where HPU (Pyrrole) is involved, which also is often the case with infection.

I am so grateful to have found this book. I have suffered a great deal over the last 5 years. I am so happy to have information on something I have been trying to explain to my Dr for years….I couldn’t never figure out what was happening to me. I was so so sick, then after a contrast media injection, and the severe reaction for months afterwards, I started to piece things together. All the reactions to medications (morphine, codiene, chloroquinine, larium, etc) all the reactions to foods… especially fermented foods, soy, nightshades, chocolate, alcohol and to top it off I have celiac’s disease…

Thanks for the comment. A good question. I would butt connect the wires with marine grade heat shrink fittings and then heat shrink another service over the top of that. While everything is still warm, I ‘Z’ fold the first 4-5 inches or so coming out of the light. I pinch these 1-2 folds inbetween the light and the mast (just off of centerline either way there is usually a small amount of space for this) with the connection outside of the mast so that any strain is on the large wires, not the connection.
If the light wire exit is below or above the light itself (vs. directly behind it), then a stainless steel cable clamp may be the best choice. The main thing is that the strain is always on the big wire and not the connection.
14 gauge does seem thick for any boat smaller than 46′.

Mast test p

mast test p


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