Mast prop gains

The 64N6E is a frequency hopper, and incorporates additional auxiliary antenna/receiver channels for suppression of sidelobe jammers – NIIP claim the ability to measure accurate bearing to jamming sources. The back end processing is Moving Target Indicator (MTI), and like the Aegis the system software can partition the instantaneous sector being covered into smaller zones for specific searches. To enhance MTI performance the system can make use of stored clutter returns from multiple preceding sweeps. Detection ranges for small fighter targets are of the order of 140 to 150 nautical miles for early variants. Per 12 second sweep 200 targets can be detected, and either six or twelve can be individually tracked for engagements.

One of my favorite go to sources for Pharma grade ancillaries. Have received 15 plus orders without a problem that was not taken care of. Had the opportunity to try some Pharmacon tren e for a promo. Pinned twice a week 600mg a week during a sust cycle. Had a tremendous increase in strength and shredded up. Which is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Pharmacon tren is truly high grade quality. I used many different brands of tren during my cycle and noticed a difference when using this tren. Literally woke up in puddles at night! Very smooth pinning. Not much pip. Looking to try Pharmacons tri tren next.

My all-time favorite question, however, came from a kid from England, maybe ten years old. She asked, “How does an orbit work?” WOW! From a kid came a question demonstrating great thought, curiosity, and desire to learn. The goal of the whole tour concept had come true in spades. Fortunately, luckily, I could work my way through it, but first I asked the group how many people knew the answer. Of the 35 people, 2 knew. I asked them to help me answer. With my pen as a prop we demonstrated the balance between gravity and speed and the little girl’s eyes lit up. She got it. That’s why we do the tours. It was perfect.

Mast prop gains

mast prop gains


mast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gains