Mast prop dosage

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Once your gut gets messed up, then you won’t have the right mix of bacteria in your intestines to make enough of the important brain neurotransmitter, serotonin. Low serotonin makes you anxious, depressed, obsessive, nervous, hurts sleep, and so on. Conversely, when we’ve got enough serotonin, we feel confident, are emotionally stable, have a positive outlook, and laugh a lot. Related to diet, low serotonin can lead to cravings especially in the late afternoon. Julia Ross recommends Now Foods True Balance Multi or Biotics Research GlucoBalance to help stabilize blood sugar and consequently reduce cravings – didn’t work for me but for others it helps a lot.

DP Winstrol - This stuff was insane. First time I've used winny before. At 50mg per day, I noticed daily changes for the first 2 weeks and my strength continued to go up for the whole 4 weeks I ran it. Towards the end of my run, I got some minor tendonitis when using my triceps but I think that was from the strength increase and not some inherent joint problem with winny. Only reason I say that is that I've felt similar before when I rapidly increased strength as a natty (when bulking). Definitley going to become a staple for future summer cycles.

Mast prop dosage

mast prop dosage


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