Mast e bloat

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Australia - Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria Inc. - http:///

Australia - Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Western Australia (BMDCWA) - http:///

Austria - Verein für Schweizer Sennenhunde Österreich (VSSOE) - http:///

Belgium - Belgische Klub voor Zwitserse Sennenhonde (.) - http:///

CKC - Canada - Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada - http:///cms/

Denmark - Dansk Berner Sennen Klub (DBSK) - http://-/

England - Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain - http:///

Finland - Finlands Sennenhundar (FSH) - http:///

France - Association Française des Bouviers Suisses (AFBS) - http://-/

Germany - Deutscher Klub für Berner Sennenhunde (DCBS) - http:///

Germany - Schweizer Sennenhund Verein für Deutschland (SSV) - http://-/

Hungary - Berner Sennenhund Club Hungária - http:///

Italy - Club Amatoriale Bovaro Bernese Italia - http:///

Italy - Club Italian Amatori Bovari Svizzeri (CIABS) - http:///

KBS - Regionalgruppe Bern - http:///

KBS - Regionalgruppe Dürrbach - http:///

KBS - Regionalgruppe Ostschweiz - http:///

KBS - Regionalgruppe Romand - http:///

KBS - Regionalgruppe Zentralschweiz - http://-/

Netherlands - Berner Sennen Vereniging (NBSV) - http:///

Netherlands - Vereniging de Berner Sennenhond (.) - http:///

Norway - Norsk Berner Sennenhundklubb (NBSK) - http://-/

Portugal - Associçáo Potuguesa dos Boieiros Suiços (.) - http:///

Sweden - Svenska Sennenhundklubben (SShK) - http:///

United States - Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) - http://

Mast e bloat

mast e bloat


mast e bloatmast e bloatmast e bloatmast e bloatmast e bloat