How much meat p e r week

From what we have seen of Annie Laurie up until this moment, we may not be sure about her. We may think that she, like so many noir dames, is out to double-cross her lover, the innocent man with the wide grin. She may be ready to kick him to the curb. He was dead weight anyway. But she plays this rushed scene with an abandon that almost borders on the embarrassing. She is serious, grim, and in survival-mode, as they go through the process of separating, but as they drive away from each other, she can’t bear it. When he runs towards her car, she nearly leaps into the frame, leaning out of her seat from her need to be close to this man. Her need to be close to him, to merge with him, is life or death, and that is what Peggy Cummins plays in the frenzied moments when he gets into the car beside her. She nuzzles him, laughing out loud, head thrown back, a voracious portrait of need, desire, and satisfaction. It’s rather scary. It’s totally right.

Secondary bile acids are probably part of the problem. In order to absorb fat, the liver makes bile, which it stores in the gallbladder. After a meal, the gallbladder sends bile acids into the intestine, where they chemically modify the fats eaten so they can be absorbed. Unfortunately, bacteria in the intestine turn these bile acids into cancer-promoting substances called secondary bile acids. Meats not only contain a substantial amount of fat; they also foster the growth of bacteria that cause carcinogenic secondary bile acids to form.

How much meat p e r week

how much meat p e r week


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