Dynabolts bunnings

Place another piece of 32 mm x2 mm gal pipe about 140 mm long and has been cut at a 45 degree angle about 30mm from one end ,place that small piece over the solid bar and weld it to the solid around the straight end with the 45 degree cut pointing to the striker with about 35mm of travel available to the spring . Place the matching piece of 32 mm pipe with 45 degree cut on top now and weld the piece to the backing also . Weld on a suitable bit of pipe handle 150 mm on the main bar and pipe assembly which moves in the position you want .I have them down when the lock is closed .

Ok, so i didn't go with proper curtains because i couldnt find any that insulated as well as i wanted for the price i wanted. And i havent worked out how to sew my own yet; so i came up with a curtain alternative that has worked ok so far.

The insulating layer closest to the window is polar fleece - a single layer with cafe clips, or a double layer simply folded over the curtain rod for extra insulation trapping the air in between the layers.

A bonus was that polar fleece worked out to be almost a total blackout curtain, and was quite cheap - less than $10 per metre.

The outer layer of a nice organza is to trap more air and to have a translucent layer to allow light in in the daytime. - and to look nice in the evening rather than looking at polar fleece. You may have guessed I like rich colours, so mine are purple and magenta, but in the flat next door I used a demure coffee cream combination.

Now (for you scientific types) measure the temperature again with pelmets and curtains to see how much they improve the internal climate of your house, and let me know if they make a difference. Mine did by about 2 to 3 degrees, meaning i can turn the heater down and save electricity...

Another thing you might want to do with your pelmets is to cover them with fabric to match your curtains, but i like the clean lines of these as they are. I imagine you could also fashion them more decoratively, or use a decorative molding or painted finish to complement the style of your home if you felt so inclined.

Dynabolts bunnings

dynabolts bunnings


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