Dynabolt m16

• The TruBolt™  Xtrem™ diameter equals the required hole diameter providing maximum shear capacity  for hole size and making drill bit selection simple.
• The anchor design ensures maximum expansion of the sleeve and pull-down on the fixture. These actions are both further assisted by theapplication of load.
• Its cold forged construction ensures superior strength and reliability.
• Assessed as per ETA001 Annex E
• Certified Seismic C1 & C2.
• Certified Option 1 Cracked Concrete.
• TR020 Fire tested - Fire rated performance up to 2 hours.
• Highest Performance in floor, wall & overhead applications.

Dynabolt m16

dynabolt m16


dynabolt m16dynabolt m16dynabolt m16dynabolt m16dynabolt m16