Dinobulk free shipping

I then contacted PayPal and filed a resolution claim. I received a reply from DinoDirect giving me a new Tracking number and asking me to be patient. This new tracking number led me to a parcel shipped to Afghanistan, I live in Canada. After complaining through the PayPal Channel they said, “Sorry this tracking number and link does not work in Canada.” They requested that I wait until the day that my protection under PayPal expires. They would then resent or return my money. They have tried to stall me as expected but I filed a claim with PayPal which are currently investigating. I usually buy through eBay and had only one problem in 4 years dealing with Chinese Merchants. I hope that anyone reading this will not need to go through as much of time, trouble and despair as I had to endure. The following was the phony tracking number I was given **.

Dinobulk free shipping

dinobulk free shipping


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