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If the Autobots choose to use Windcharger's abilities against the Dinobots, the outcome of the Dinobots' and the rest of the Autobots' confrontation has two possible outcomes. If Windcharger uses his magnetic powers too close to the Dinobots, the powerful magnetic field sends Snarl and the other Dinobots into convulsions before killing them. If Windcharger decides to use his magnetic powers from a greater distance, the Cerebro-shells are harmlessly extracted from the Dinobots. Later, Snarl is celebrating with the Autobots when Grimlock recalls Bombshell announcing that controlling the Dinobots was only a part of the Insecticon's plan.

Snarl appears with the rest of the Dinobots in the 2012 video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron . Snarl is present when the Lightning Strike Coalition Force travels to the Sea of Rust to find out that Shockwave had abducted a tower used by ancient Cybertronians. However, during the investigation, a swarm of Insecticons attack them, and ultimately kill Sludge. Snarl and the others become Shockwave's experiments, resulting in their transformation into Dinobots. Snarl is tortured by Sharpshot, the insecticon leader, until Grimlock frees him. Snarl, Slug and Swoop witness the collapse of Shockwave's tower, with Grimlock trapped in the tower. Snarl was voiced by Sam Reigel.

Dinobots toys r us

dinobots toys r us


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