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Our training expands upon the guidelines introduced in the best-seller, Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart . This was the first in-depth piece written on the mechanics of process improvement, the nuts and bolts of how you actually do it. The methodology in the book was so embraced by readers that Rummler and Brache became the godfathers of process improvement. They helped spawn a cottage industry of BPM analysts, software vendors, consultants, authors, and conferences.

Today, there are dizzying numbers of process improvement methodologies and technologies competing with one another. But in the light of day, none have demonstrated they can generate more sustainable, system-wide improvements than their predecessor, the Rummler-Brache™ methodology. While our consultants frequently tweak techniques, the Rummler-Brache™ core approach has never changed. It is battle-tested. It has the kind of tough durability that comes from surviving trial by fire.

Diebold insurance

diebold insurance


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