Diana lol rehber

Quote: Professor Singed : Diana is close to Akali level cancer, she doesn't need anything.

I guess people forgot about release Diana

Are you nuts? Stop living in fear of something that occurred ages ago.
You could probably re-buff Diana to release levels and she still wouldn't be as extreme as some of the champions running about now, like Ahri and Nidalee.

Diana currently ****ing sucks, and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded from the fear of what she was like when she was OP.
She has no escapes and a relatively binary play style that's extremely predictable. You land a Q? You go in. You don't land a Q? You don't go in.
For a champion with no mobility outside of chasing she has crappy all-in damage.
Freaking Nidalee can cross the map in ten seconds and juke for days with her perma dashes, yet she still probably has more all-in damage than a Diana.
And her shield pretty much only counts for anything when she's going in, without the refresh it's weak as hell, so no, that does not make up for an escape mechanism.

Diana lol rehber

diana lol rehber


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