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Yes, please don’t tell others the truth because Cassie’s life changing narrative depends on the misfortune of others. I agree with you 100%– all MLM companies are the same; you will be successful if you join in the very beginning of the company’s launch. Look at Lularoe for example. The company has exploded in such a short time that the products are poorly made and tons of consultants aren’t able to sell inventory. I feel for the ladies signing up now–they will be stuck with tons of products that won’t sell because there are just too many consultants and since you can’t pick your inventory, you’re sometimes out of luck. And the $5k+ startup is not an easy loss.

I don’t know where you get your information but Paleo is not a theory of 2 contemporary guys – where did you even get that?? I’m sorry I really don’t mean to be argumentative but your response to the article seems to be just as uninformed/poorly researched as the article itself. There really isn’t a whole lot of differences between WAPF and paleo and I just don’t get the us vs. them mentality that seems to be happening at WAPF. We really should be working together to get the message out there rather than playing this ‘we’re better than them’ game.

Another reason to have both presentations is that while the carbine behaves VERY well with either regulator in ", ", and " when you take the design to the " the non-vented regulator hits a performance wall. It is basically due to the carbine's architecture. A vented one (factory or gunsmith installled) DOES provide very adequate performance (15 shots at 35 ft-lbs with a SD of less than 1% on the ME). But without the design characteristics of the vented version, the carbines can only yield 27 ft-lbs (22 shots with a SD of less than ½% on the ME)

Diana lol price

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