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Mowing of sumac is not a good control measure, since the wood is springy, resulting in jagged, sharp-pointed stumps when mown. The plant will quickly recover with new growth after mowing. [23] Goats have long been considered an efficient and quick removal method, as they eat the bark, which helps prevent new shoots. Sumac propagates by rhizome . Small shoots will be found growing near a more mature sumac tree via a shallow running root quite some distance from the primary tree. Thus root pruning is a means of control without eliminating the species altogether.

Until the mid-20th century, San Pedro Atocpan , located in the mountains south of Mexico City proper (but still part of the Federal District) was similar to the other agricultural communities surrounding it, growing corn , fava beans and nopales (prickly pear cactus). Electricity and other modern conveniences arrived late, allowing the community to retain more of its traditions later. [11] In 1940, Father Damian Sartes San Roman came to the parish of San Pedro Atocpan and saw the potential in marketing the product to raise living standards in the area. [10] At that time, only four neighborhoods prepared mole for town festivals: Panchimalco, Ocotitla, Nuztla and Tula, but those who prepared it were generally prominent women in their communities. In the 1940s, one family made the long trek to Mexico City proper to sell some of their mole at the La Merced Market . It was successful, but they brought with them only two kilograms since it was made by hand grinding the ingredients on a metate . [21] The arrival of electricity in the late 1940s made the use of a powered mill possible, and better roads made the trek to the city easier. [11] [21] Some of these mills were bought or financed by Father Sartes, but the mole was still cooked in a clay pot over a wood fire. In the 1970s, he was part of a small group which became a cooperative, which constructed the Las Cazuelas restaurant. This is where the first Mole Exhibition was held in 1978. [10]

Diana boldo

diana boldo


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