Diana ballard

The Supremes cable-carring in San Francisco, California (l-2-r):  Florence Ballard (wearing scarf), Mary Wilson (center) and Diana Ross (stylishly with sunglasses on head).  If you look inside the cable car, the dark man standing and wearing a suit and sunglasses and starring hard at the girls is not the conductor!  This is not "Destination Anywhere".  This is Frisco!  And besides, what conductor wears sunglasses?  None!  It is Motown Records founder and president Berry Gordy, Jr.  He surely was on The Supremes' case and on location -- even on a cable car in Frisco!

Ross continued to perform in concerts, in Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos, and at charity functions. Her 1980 single "Upside Down" was her sixteenth number one hit, a record surpassed only by the Beatles. She moved to Connecticut with her three daughters and in 1985 married Norwegian businessman Arne Naess, Jr. In 1989 Ross made a return to Motown with a new album titled Workin' Overtime, and in 1991 she worked with Stevie Wonder (1950–) and other artists to make The Force Behind the Power, a group of modern ballads. In January of 1994, she was highly praised for her role as a mental patient in the ABC television movie Out of Darkness.

In July 1971, Ballard sued Motown for additional royalty payments she believed she was due to receive; she was defeated in court by Motown. [28] Shortly afterwards, Ballard and her husband separated after several domestic disputes and Ballard's home was foreclosed . Facing poverty and depression , Ballard developed alcoholism and shied away from the spotlight. In 1972 , she moved into her sister Maxine's house. In 1974 Mary Wilson invited Ballard to join the Supremes, which now included Cindy Birdsong and Scherrie Payne (Ross had left for her successful solo career in 1970). Though Ballard played tambourine, she didn't sing and told Wilson she had no ambition to sing any more. Later that year Ballard's plight started to be reported in newspapers as word got around that the singer had applied for welfare . Around that time, Ballard entered Henry Ford Hospital for rehab treatment. Following six weeks of treatment, Ballard slowly started to recover.

Diana ballard

diana ballard


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