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The first time Ikea’s freight company tried to deliver, they drove to the house but nobody was there. They hadn’t called to inform us of the delivery or even confirm the day of. On the second attempt, our cabinet delivery was scheduled for 3PM. The kitchen we were renovating was part of an entire house remodel. At the time the cabinets were being delivered, there was no heat, no plumbing or light fixtures. My husband and I got the confirmation and arrived at the house to take delivery at 2:30. The delivery showed up at 9PM! We called and called Ikea, about every 45 minutes trying to get information on the delivery between 3:30 and 9; Ikea was not at all helpful. We were strung along for hours; I tried to get them to reschedule but they refused saying the truck was already out for delivery. I was told that no matter what happened, I would be charged the delivery fee ($250) for that delivery, and if it wasn’t successfully delivered, I’d pay an additional $250 for another attempt. It was almost 11PM by the time we got the truck unloaded and everything reconciled.

Sounds great. Higham do various shaker styles so you will have quite a few options.
In terms of worktops. I went for marble. It's easy maintenance despite what folk say. It doesn't like acidic food. But mine is honed. That means it's matte so if I do drop lemon juice on it, you can't see the etching. Never ever have polished marble. It shows everything.

I'm not a fan of quartz. It's crushed stone with plastic resin. When we bought this house there was a quartz worktop in the kitchen. It didn't feel or look nice. It was polished so every mark showed on it. And the sparkly bits in the quartz made it look dirty somehow.
I used to clean it down 3 times a day but it never ever looked clean.

I clean the marble once a day at most (slattern) and it always looks beautifully fresh. I have limestone in both bathrooms and that never looks dirty either. Although I don't recommend that for worktops!

Wood for the island will be beautiful. Higham can give you a price for a wood worktop.

Don't forget about corian. White corian is beautiful. And the seamless integrated sinks are stunning. Best of all it can be repaired if you damage it. Cheaper than marble and quartz. It's an option worth exploring..

Stainless steel? Probably not the look you are going for but my kitchen in our previous house had it. It is fab and takes any abuse you care to throw at it.

Ilovecheese (great name - so do I!!)

Devol kitchens price

devol kitchens price


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