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A summa cum laude graduate of Emerson College, Ms. Jenkins has worked in the entertainment, technology, and gaming space for 15 years. Her work includes spearheading new technology initiatives at Warner Bros. , overseeing video series for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Lexus at AOL , and producing a serious educational game for the Literacy Design Collaborative/Gates Foundation ; she wrote The L Report , a market research project for the Lambesis Ad Agency featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point . Her work at CTI includes Missing: The Search for Terry Hughes and Missing: The Final Secret for IARPA’s Sirius program.

The Wicked Tribe ( カイマ族 , Kaima-zoku , "Kaima tribe") Yo-kai are powerful Yo-kai that the player meets in Yo-kai Watch 2 , collectively the Wicked Executives ( 怪魔エリート , Kaima Erīto ) . The Wicked Executives can also control the Wicked Servants ( 怪 , "Kai" , "customized") Yo-kai, all of whom wear a mask. The player can obtain the Wicked Tribe Yo-kai, and their summoning jingle is "Wicked! Icked! Who's calling Wicked? Icked, Wicked!" ( カーイマカーイマ!呼んだカーイマ?本当カーイマ!? , Kāima Kāima! Yonda kā ima? Hontō kā ima!? , "Kaima Kaima! Did you call us now? For real now!?") . Among the Yo-kai in this category are:

Devil zukin

devil zukin


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