Devil zippo lighter

George, I understand your sentiment but you have to balance bravado with common sense. IF you GOOD, you have another possible day to fight. If you stay put and let them bring the pain to you, you’ll be a martyr as you’ll likely be a dead statistic in short order.
Sure, I’d like to cap some of the Blue Helmets if it comes to that but realistically when THEY come for you they come from a position of POWER AND NUMBERS. Something you, as a loner, surely do not possess.
I”m not saying it is better to run away and live to fight another day but come on, if you know in advance the SHTF and it is time to beat feet, do so, gather with like-minded folk and take the pain to THEM.

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Devil zippo lighter

devil zippo lighter


devil zippo lighterdevil zippo lighterdevil zippo lighterdevil zippo lighterdevil zippo lighter