Devil z anime

In all Wangan Midnight games that are published by Bandai Namco , some vans trucks and cars have the Pac-Man character on it. Also, Pac-Man is used as one of the decals when you tune your car after the race. In Maximum Tune 4, a level features two "Racer Wannabees" driving a Toyota AE86 and a yellow modified Mazda RX-7 which resemble Takumi Fujiwara's AE86 and Keisuke Takahashi's FD3S which both drivers in Maximum Tune 4 & 5 are the same impersonators of Keisuke and Takumi during the later Project D from Initial D Fifth Stage in the anime series.

Also known by his nickname "Kei", Keiichiro Aizawa is the character who drives the Supra RZ , dubbed as the "Monster Machine" ( モンスターマシン , Monsutā Mashin ) tuned by Kou Tominaga, Kazuo Ota, Kazuhiko Yamamoto and Akio Asakura. After meeting Devil Z, Kei decided to chase after him. His desire for racing and his car choice was inspired by his father, who drove a MkII Supra and was killed by a drunk driver. He works in a host club to finance his racing activities. After he lost the race against the Devil Z and Blackbird, the tuners detuned his 800HP engine to 400HP and repainted his Supra to the same Silver as his father's. His Supra is similar to that of Hideo Minagawa's from Initial D. But despite the fact that their cars are both tuned, Minagawa's car is white while Kei's car is silver.

Devil z anime

devil z anime


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