Denebola size

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Although it is not entirely clear how the constellation Leo became known to the ancient Egyptians, one enchanting piece of star lore goes as follows. The ancient Egyptians worshiped Leo because they knew the Sun entered the constellation during the Flooding of the Nile, which brought significant amounts of water and fertile soil onto the land. Food security in Egypt depended on this annual natural cycle, a circumstance that also coincided with the arrival of desert lions at the river. Although the lions moved toward the river to avoid the heat and lack of water in the desert at that time, a connection was made by the Egyptians, who honored the lion with festivals, and even today many statues of lions can be found along the course of the Nile River, proof of the reverence with which the ancient Egyptians regarded the desert lions.

Messier 28
Messier 29
Messier 30
Messier 31: Andromeda Galaxy
Messier 32: Le Gentil
Messier 33: Triangulum Galaxy
Messier 34
Messier 35
Messier 36: Pinwheel Cluster
Messier 37
Messier 38: Starfish Cluster
Messier 39
Messier 40: Winnecke 4
Messier 41
Messier 42: Orion Nebula
* Trapezium Cluster
Messier 43: De Mairan's Nebula
Messier 44: Beehive Cluster
Messier 45: Pleiades
* Maia Nebula
* Merope Nebula
Messier 46
Messier 47
Messier 48
Messier 49
Messier 50: Heart-Shaped Cluster
Messier 51: Whirlpool Galaxy
Messier 52
Messier 53
Messier 54
Messier 55: Summer Rose Star
Messier 56
Messier 57: Ring Nebula
Messier 58
Messier 59
Messier 60
Messier 61
Messier 62
Messier 63: Sunflower Galaxy
Messier 64: Black Eye Galaxy
* Leo Triplet
Messier 65
Messier 66
* NGC 3628: Hamburger Galaxy
Messier 67: King Cobra Cluster
Messier 68
Messier 69
Messier 70
Messier 71
Messier 72
Messier 73
Messier 74: Phantom Galaxy
Messier 75
Messier 76: Little Dumbbell Nebula
Messier 77: Cetus A
Messier 78
Messier 79
Messier 80
Messier 81: Bode's Galaxy
Messier 82: Cigar Galaxy
Messier 83: Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
Messier 84
Messier 85
Messier 86
Messier 87: Virgo A
Messier 88
Messier 89
Messier 90
Messier 91
Messier 92
Messier 93
Messier 94: Cat's Eye Galaxy
Messier 95
Messier 96
Messier 97: Owl Nebula
Messier 98
Messier 99: Coma Pinwheel
Messier 100
Messier 101: Pinwheel Galaxy
Messier 102: Spindle Galaxy
Messier 103
Messier 104: Sombrero Galaxy
Messier 105
Messier 106
Messier 107
Messier 108: Surfboard Galaxy
Messier 109
Messier 110: Edward Young Star

Denebola size

denebola size


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