Debola meaning

@Tresemme There no debate on Linda’s distasteful classlessness which we are consistently privy to. So it is not a surprise. Now what is a surprise is a Nigerian celebrity with the morals of a experienced whoremonger questioning a grown woman on the status of her vagina. Obviously his sensitization is that he considers it an insult for a woman to be single, childless and even have liaisons with single men same way he does with women o, lol. This is chauvinism and sexism. We are battling such traits at the senate today. It is not a joking matter. This is not your typical Birkin bag saga. Genevieve and Rita Dominic’s marital status have always been called into question without these two people even doing anything to provoke anyone. You all can fight over petty stuff on whether Linda buys fake or not, you will never see me post in such topics, but the moment I smell misogyny I will call it out because these are the characteristics that deters female social progress. Linda has my utmost support on this one.

I remember when my dad got a new brought it home and Lil bro removed the plate number in one of the cars and transferred it to the stopped him,asked for ID,questioned him and let him was when he was about to open the car that their boss told his boys to stop him that it’s a stolen vehicle,kidnap suspect and fake bailed him +car was later he told us he once met their boss when he was an intern in Warri refinery and gave him 3k when he stopped him and was like he wants to money(was actually the first time they met) talking about paying fees and buying stationaries for his kids and he possibly picked up the plate number which was what he used to collect that huge amount from us.😩.My bro didn’t return home from the station cause my dad told him not are good now though.

When I look into your eyes
You’re a blessing in disguise
Eh, you make me wanna do the ring-around the roses
And I love the way you smile
While I give it to you nice
I hold your hands
And everybody wants to hold you
When I am with you
You give me these sorts of feeling in my heart
When I see you
You give me these thoughts of tingle in my heart
When i am with you
You give me these sorts of single in my heart
When I see you
You give me these thoughts of tingle in my soul

Debola meaning

debola meaning


debola meaningdebola meaningdebola meaningdebola meaningdebola meaning