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1. Vojdani A et al. Immune response to dietary proteins, gliadin and cerebellar peptides in children with autism. Nutritional Neuroscience, 2004, 7(3):151-161.
Please see Figure 5 in this manuscript showing how affinity-purified gliadin peptide antibody cross-reacted with milk proteins.
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From this article’s abstract: “Ten of these 20 patients showed a similarly strong inflammatory reaction to cow’s milk (CM) challenge. Six of the CM sensitive patients were challenged with specific CM proteins: casein and alpha-lactalbumin. Casein, in contrast to alpha-lactalbumin, induced an inflammatory response similar to that produced by cow’s milk. A mucosal inflammatory response similar to that elicited by gluten was produced by CM protein in about 50% of the patients with coeliac disease. Casein, in particular, seems to be involved in this reaction…In conclusion, our data raise the possibility that sensitivity to cow’s milk may be a feature in a proportion of patients with CD and may therefore contribute to persistent symptoms in coeliac patients who are on a gluten-free diet.
4. Ellis HJ et al. Coeliac disease: characterization of monoclonal antibodies raised against a synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acid residues 206-217 of a gliadin. Gut, 1992; 33: 1504-1507.
Article’s conclusion: Monoclonal antibody made against alpha-gliadin 206-217 reacted moderately with casein and many other antigens.
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Well creatine kinase seems to be a very important enzyme in the body.
An imbalance seems to be an indicator of maybe different presenting issues.
Just thought I would share this:
At my place of work, (gym) it seems that there has been a ‘very odd virus’.
Myself and several colleagues and now it seems clients have presented with symptoms which include dead feeling limbs (particularly left arm), regular leg cramps/ almost continuous, muscle tension and spasms (particularly back and neck), intense and debilitating joint pain, vein swelling, fever, occassional erratic heart beat, increased thirst and hunger, all blood tests proved normal with some low white blood cell counts, however mine included a test for creatine kinase and it was found to be a little high.
This would corelate to the muscle symtoms.
Just very odd to have a dead arm for weeks, and also your colleagues, with no known explanation,…..odd.
It has lasted between 3-13weeks to date.
Everyones comments here have helped me understand more about CK (yet also seems to raise more questions). Thanks though!
I hope evryone who is suffering directly or indirectly progresses through positively as speedily as is poss..
Could it have anything to do with air conditioning?
The people I know to be invoved were not taking supplements cept me/ multivit, protein, oils.

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