Dbol vs dmz

Now that we have a frame of reference regarding potency per mg, we can move onto what really matters, which is how these steroids stack up against each other in terms of muscle-building potency per “effective dose”. It is a steroid’s effective dose which determines how much muscle it can potentially build in comparison to another steroid. It doesn’t matter how strong a steroid is per mg if it is so toxic that we can only use it in mcg quantities. There are plenty of steroids out there which demonstrate an anabolic capacity, per mg, which is many times greater than any other steroid ever produced by either a pharmaceutical or supplement company. But… but many of them are so toxic that they cannot be administered in dosages anywhere close to those used with the steroids listed above. We see this occurrence with a steroid like Cheque drops. It is exceedingly potent, yet every bit as toxic, which effectively prevents the drug from being dosed high enough to build any meaningful degree of muscle mass. This is why a drug’s “effective dose” is so vital in determining its true muscle-building potential in the real-world.

Right before that latest designer steroid ban I bought a shit ton of m sten, epi, halo, and 11-oxo for really cheap. If we're talking one or the other I actually prefer m sten to epi unlike some others on the thread. I prefer to use m sten and epi as a kick starter or epi and halo. The m sten gets me hard and dry and is a good strength boost while I'm waiting for the test and mast to really kick in. Epi gets me more vascular but the m sten just seems to really get me harder and fuller than epi. It feels harsher though, I drop the m sten faster than I would the epi, but it's just a kick start so three weeks does me well enough, especially since I just stack it with the epi and 11-oxo anyways.

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)diene-17-one, aka MAX LMG is not a 17aa steroid so liver toxicity is much less than the later.  Max LMG prohormone is progestin designed to provide useres with solid gains in muscle mass with minimal water retention.  Max LMG will also give you higher quality hardening effects on your muscles compared to other prohormones.  Because Max LMG is an anti-progesterone users see increased libido and decreased negative effects of estrogen.

Most users report good results at a dosage of 75mg a day.

Dbol vs dmz

dbol vs dmz


dbol vs dmzdbol vs dmz