Dbol face bloat

Ok this is my second review of legitgear. Anyone thqt says these guys arent top notch dont know what theyre talking about because i ran watson and kalpa pharma gear and when i used tge bulldog line it blew me away. So much i had to do a second review. All my email were answered in detail within a couple hours sometimes sooner. I also seen someone say theyre stock isnt great???? They carry everything i could possibly think of and then some. The quality i cant say enough about. My bloods were through the roof. No pip what so ever. I will never go elsewhere again

You are assuming a specific drug is known as "PCT". Furthermore PCT is conducted with a SERM. Usually Tamoxifen. Clomiphene is another common choice. But here's the problem in your post. SERMs will NOT prevent bloating. Bloating (most people call it bloating even though theyve just gotten fat) aka moon face is caused by excess estrogen. SERMs do not prevent drugs from aromatizing to estrogen. Even if you take a SERM your systemic level of estrogen will remain the same. The SERM will prevent estadiol from binding and activating the estrogen receptors in breast tissue. THAT'S IT (besides it's effects on LH and FSH in regards to restarting the HPTA)

Dbol face bloat

dbol face bloat


dbol face bloatdbol face bloat