Mine arrived yesterday. Seems well made. They apparently make two models – the one with the little rods sticking out the front and the one without. I ordered the rod version but the one with the flush face arrived. No biggie as they seem to be the exact same thing . Assembly is pretty straight forward. Just bend each rod until the base clicks into place. The mechanism that attaches the rod to the lightstand can be positioned either within the unit or behind it. I think I’ll keep it inside as that gives better balance. I have used Bron paras before and this seems like it will do the same thing. I would never buy a Para but at around 1/15th of the price the Cononmark seems worth the purchase. No idea whether you can buy the rod by itself. Although I have seen a very similar rod from Selens.

Lavi ( ラビ , Rabi ) is a cheerful 18-year-old red-haired Exorcist of mixed heritage. He aims to become a Bookman, a person who records the hidden history of the world, and has been trained from a young age to achieve that goal. [17] Lavi is the 49th alias he assumed after casting away his real name to reach that goal. [ ch. 192 ] He works alongside the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen, but slowly becomes more attached to his Black Order friends, and his original Bookman self is constantly being clouded by his growing care for them. [ ch. 119 ] [ ch. 58 ] Lavi was voiced by Kenichi Suzumura [18] and is voiced by Natsuki Hanae in -man Hallow in Japanese. In English, he is voiced by Jason Liebrecht from episodes 13 to 26 and on episode 40 onwards; Chris Patton assumed the role from episodes 27 to 39 while Liebrecht recovered from a car accident. [19]

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